Monday 02 August, 2021

Union demands £12 an hour minimum wage

Low income working people are being forced to "make use of food banks to survive".

PCS National conference delegates have voted today (Monday 14th) to increase the union’s minimum wage rate demand on the UK government from the current £10 an hour to £12 an hour.

Motion A25 was proposed in order for the union to take into consideration “inflation, rising costs, [and] the further effects of a badly-managed economy that has created more poverty and contributed to the massive wealth divide in the UK”.

Proposing the motion for R&C Wales branch, Richard (surname unknown) said a national minimum wage is a “key issue on which PCS must have a well-defined and realistic policy”.

“We know that many members are currently paid so poorly they must claim tax credits and make use of food banks to survive, to feed themselves and their families,” he said.

Vauxhall foodbank.
A Trussell Trust foodbank. Photo: Newfrontiers via photopin cc.

Steve (surname unknown) from DWP Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders branch seconded the motion and highlighted that since the previous minimum rate was set as PCS policy the cost of living has continued to increase while civil service pay “has fallen further and further behind”.

He added: “The motion rightly refers to the wealth divide in the UK. Last year, Britain’s number of billionaires increased from 45 to 56, and this has happened amid the horrors of the pandemic.

“This shows beyond any doubt that there is easily enough money to ensure every worker receives at least £12 an hour in wages.

“When you consider what workers have been through over the last year and how hard we have worked to support people through the pandemic… a £12 an hour minimum wage is not only achievable, it’s absolutely deserved.”


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