Sunday 01 August, 2021

Tories refusal to publish Universal Credit cut analysis is proof of ‘leveling up’ lie

Poverty campaigners have written to DWP Secretary Therese Coffey demanding she publish the analysis.

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Revealed: The secret automated welfare screening system that may be illegal

Automated welfare screening system factors in a person's age when assessing claims for potential fraud.
Holyrood Parliament Scotland

145,000 Scottish children to benefit from school clothing grant rise

School Clothing Grant rises to £120 for every primary school pupil and £150 for every secondary pupil.
A Trussell Trust foodbank.

UK has highest poverty rate in north west Europe – and it’s about to...

"The UK is suffering from a growing Tory poverty crisis - with the worst levels of any country in north west Europe."

Bereavement benefits support to be extended to non-married couples with children

Until now, a surviving partner could only claim support if they and their spouse were married or in a civil partnership.
Council housing in London.

Over one million children of frontline key workers are living in poverty

Current government policies are expected to contribute to an increase in child poverty.

DWP pressurised disabled people into accepting lower benefit offers

DWP admit to cold-calling vulnerable and disabled people and pressurising them into accepting lower benefit payments.

Planned Universal Credit cut will leave millions unable to afford a minimum living standard

UK Government facing mounting pressure to scrap planned cuts to Universal Credit.

SNP slam re-introduction of Universal Credit ‘minimum income floor’

Self-employed could be hit by a double whammy of cuts to Universal Credit payments.
action adult affection eldery

UK Government pledges to change benefit system for terminally ill

Campaigners welcome "significant step forward for compassion and common sense."

118,000 sick and disabled people were underpaid ESA benefits, DWP admit

DWP forced to pay out a shocking £613 million in ESA arrears payments.